1970 B.F.H.S. Tigers
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Beaver Falls High School
Welcome to the Class of 1970

We, the class of 1970 welcome all visitors to our site. We are a family and support each other. On these pages will be our exploits and life experiences we wish to share. Please feel free to let us know what you think or something you wish to share!
Keeping Together as One
As the years go by, lets try to remain as one. True Champions as
we were in that senior year.
If you have an important event (even an ordinary 1) send me the info
and i'll post it here for all to see. We can share the joy and pain together
as a big family.
Please take care and have many happy days ahead!

Welcome To The 1970 Tigers Roaring Web Site!
I will be adding to this site all the time to keep it a fun place to visit, so come back again.
I'm working on a link to ICQ chat, we can instantly contact each other and know when we are online. Please check it out, it works great and we can get messages to each other quickly.

You can find me here!
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